Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rush of the big city...

We're on a farm... but it has not felt like it lately.

Oufirst week was crazy, followed by a 2nd crazy week. What does week 3 hold for us?
That first week I told you about how we were quickly introduced into the topic of human trafficking .Well, later that week a gentleman came and spoke to the team. His daughter was kidnapped and put into sex trafficking in 1988. She didn't survive. He told the team his story and the terrible things that happened to his daughter... disgusting.

I actually did not get to meet him. I was back at Perry Point (our base). One of my CM's injured his knee, so I had to bring him back so he can go to Dr.'s appointments. He actually has ACL surgery this Friday... he has no ACL from what I's worn away. He'll be out for close to 2 months... he was supposed to be the Assistant TL this round, so I'm bummed he won't have that opportunity. Hopefully he can get back to live with us by the end of the round, but it's not likely. At the very worst, I hope he's back to us before the beginning of 4th round. At least Baltimore is only 45 minutes away... he should be able to visit every now and again.

The first Thursday we were in Baltimore TSW held a fundraising dinner. They had about 65 people over and ate on the Veranda of the 1890's home. It was GORGEOUS. My team made up the serving staff... it was great. We were each allowed to enjoy the full $65/plate menu.. and all of the leftovers. Smoked Macaroni and Cheese was the favorite of the night... FOR SURE.

This past weekend there was a wedding on the property. We had to build a patio for the dance floor. We spent that last week working 50+ hours, 10+ hour days (I did one day of 14 hours) to get it all done. We burned out a tree stump (our idea, first time, big success), did a little work on the farm, spread lots of mulch, chased lots of chickens (they kept eating the fresh grass seed), cleaned a lot, painted.. you name it. I drive the tractors... that's awesome. The team is warming up to the idea of driving them as well.. some of them are legitimately afraid to drive... fine by me.. hand over the keys!
It was a lot of work, but it paid off. The wedding (was a wedding) and the dance WAS INCREDIBLE. We certainly broke it in.... another BAdger 1 super success (BAdger is not a mispelling... it stands for BadAss Badger). We've been meeting expectations if I must say so. Our sponsor said they heard we were the best... we like to believe so. Just ask anyone on the team... we need to work a bit on being modest... but hey, when you are the best, why not shout it?

We discovered the nearby river last weekend. Not very deep, but it's FRESH WATER! We were chilling in a calm section and hear some shouting...... an investigation ensued... and we found bridge jumpers! So we spent the next 4 hours jumping off the road bridge into the 7 feet of water below us... crazy?? no, just cool. We visited again this past week after work. We had a hell of a rainstorm, so the water was super muddy, and Chrisitian was afraid of diseases that will make her hair fall out, but she got in. Christian also thinks her life is coming to an end because she turns 20 on Tuesday..lmao. Young buck for sure.

The team is doing awesome. We're having a lot of fun, and fighting like always. But we laugh a lot more when we fight these days. Our sponsor tells us we are the least dramatic team they have had yet.

Oh, and at the wedding they had potato salad, coleslaw, grilled chicken and BBQ pork... we have the fridge full of leftovers from that, too. We don't get to keep the booze.. lame.

I went out for my first drink in Bmore last night. Met up with Mona (my former teammate turned TL). She is now with her team, who is also in Bmore. She's doing well, really well, and is now seeing what it's like to be a TL, and why some of the rules and ways I did things were done as they were/are. CM's are unforgiving and relentless... pains in the ass. I've got a good bunch, but they take work, and pruning, and weeding. They're shaping up nicely though.

I go back to Wisconsin for 4 days on Thursday... WHIT'S WEDDING. Very excited. And I have a date. Plan to see all of my family and some great friends. Plan to drink most days/nights. Lots of plans. I have 1 day left of my weekend, 3 days of work, a 4 day weekend and then 3 weeks left in Baltimore... time is flying. After that we only have 1 round left...

I don't really know what the plan is for our work the next couple of weeks. There isn't a rush for anything anymore.. I don't think.

Right now I'm sitting outside a business center, stealing internet at 8:30 on a Sunday night in Bmore. Just me, no one around me. It's quiet besides the cars. Took a bus here and the same to get home. I can get used to this.
Here are some pics of the work we've been doing.

We live in this house.

Pre patio and stump removal

Steve... being a fire god (as we burn out the stump)

Team Dinner.. .Jamie and Mona came to visit that first weekend.
This is the new walkway from the driveway

the patio in full on wedding day....

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