Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winding (the year) down...

I find it hard to believe that my 11 months is down to 3 weeks. I'm closing in on a year since graduation, Toni visiting, and leaving everything for this 11 month, cross-country journey.

We have 10 days left in Alabama. 10! We've been pretty busy lately. We had a community day on Saturday, which coincided with Make a Difference Day. This was our one day of the round that we, Badger 1, put together a day to serve and celebrate. Jamie, one of the gang, put a ton of effort into the event, and it was a huge success. We had food, crafts, games, prizes, sports, water balloons, and MORE! We started the morning off picking up trash along the road, and then celebrated the afternoon away with the above said things. We had a pretty decent turnout… check out the pictures below!

It was also my birthday weekend, and it was celebrated in style. My Aunt Denise and good friend Jess drove from the cold WI to the hot and humid AL. I spent the weekend with them, enjoying lots of good beer, food, margaritas and at times, a shit show. SO much fun – those two always make for a great time. It was a great break and opportunity to relax… I don’t get that much these days. There is always something going on, but I see the benefit of it, especially now that I attempt to help my CM’s get their Life After Americorps figured out. Lots of Dr.’s appts, GED classes and test set-up, interviews, GRE and LSAT tests to schedule and study for, and overall excitement for graduation. Badger 1 has done a lot this year, and although we won’t leave the program as best friends, we definitely will remember how much we learned, grew and accomplished as a team.

Personally, I have also been pretty busy with LAA plans. 2 weeks ago the Unit Leader position opened up for immediate fill. I’ve submitted my application…

I’m extremely hopeful and confident, but unaware of who my competition may be. I know this position is exactly what I want right now, so I am hoping that it will all work itself out. But, I’m not worried… a backup plan of Cali is still set to go, and I know everything happens for a reason. So – that’s all I’ll say about that.

I also have submitted my application for Teach for America. Will hear the first word on that next week. Pretty fun time.

I’m starting to reflect on what we’ve done this year. We’ve been in so many communities, made such small, but meaningful impacts, and also very large impacts. We’ve met SOOOOO many people and whereve we go on the east or gulf coast, we COULD find someone that we’ve worked with. Not to mention all of our friends within the program.

I’ve also done a pretty good job of keeping in touch with friends over the course of the year. Some people I talk to every couple of months, some every day… but we talk.. that’s the key thing. I wish I had more time and energy to stay up all night keeping connected, but… I frick’n love sleep. Deal with it.

Got a lot going on in my head… don’t feel it’s all necessary to share. I’m proud of what I’ve done this year. I’m excited that there is enough interest and support to keep this program going and growing. I hope I can continue to be a part of it.


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